Mobile Boiler Services

Alberta Mobile Boiler provides contract mobile boiler and mobile steam services to major oil and gas exploration companies.

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Power of Commitment

Years of experience, combined with our commitment to a reliable fleet, ensures professional, high quality work on every project.

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Mobile Steam Services

AMB supplies dependable mobile steam equipment, with the latest safety features, and an experienced team to back it all up.

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Q: How much time is required to prepare mobile boiler and equipment for mobilization from present location to a new site?

A: It takes approximately two hours to prepare for mobilization to a new location.

Q: Does the boiler have to be drained for transport?

A: No, the boiler can be moved with the water in the boiler, however the boiler must be depressurized and the boiler water storage tank may need to be drained, depending on the volume of water at the time.

Q: How much time does it take to get the boiler up to operating pressure from a cold start?

A: It takes approximately forty five minutes to reach an operating pressure of 100 psi from a cold start.

Q: How often do you require the boiler feed water storage tank to be refilled?

A: The boiler feed water storage tank holds six cubic meters of potable water, generally that will last ten to fourteen days utilizing a closed steam circuit, which returns condensate back to the storage tank.

Q: What type of water quality is required to resupply boiler feed water in storage tank?

A: Boiler feed water must be potable water delivered through an uncontaminated potable water delivery system. All water is inspected prior to it being off loaded into the boiler feed water storage tank.