Mobile Boiler Services

Alberta Mobile Boiler provides contract mobile boiler and mobile steam services to major oil and gas exploration companies.

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Power of Commitment

Years of experience, combined with our commitment to a reliable fleet, ensures high quality work on every project.

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Mobile Steam Services

AMB supplies dependable mobile steam equipment, with the latest safety features, and an experienced team to back it all up.

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About Us

Alberta Mobile Boiler is a multi-service oilfield services provider.

The company was founded in 1996, by Ken Arsenault, as a private drilling services contractor. It’s roots are embedded in oilfield construction. The company has evolved to become the specialized mobile boiler and steam services company you see today.

“Our Mission is to deliver the best mobile boiler and steam services, with the most dependable people and reliable equipment, and to do it safer than anyone else.”

Michael Wigg - President
Shop 780-942-4435
Cell 403-701-2365

Ken Arsenault - Founder

Ken joined the family business Parm-ke Construction, as a backhoe operator and water hauler on Westburne Drilling Rig #21, after graduating from Redwater High School.

Over the next six years with Parm-ke, and while maintaining his status as water hauler, Ken moved up the ranks with Westburne Drilling as a part time Lease Hound, Roughneck, Motorman and Derrick man.

In 1987, Ken left Parm-ke to start a trucking company engaged in the transportation and delivery of bulk gas and diesel fuel. Later he returned to the oil and gas services industry starting Arsenault Backhoe and Construction Service. Ken managed the business while attending N.A.I.T. and he graduated the Business Administration program in 1995.

With surging demand for oil field contract services Ken restructured and re-named his company Eager Industrial Inc. He began providing oil field maintenance services with specialized rig anchor attachments developed for backhoes. Ken also supplied rig anchor trucks, picker trucks, low boy trailer, service units and crew trucks.

Working every day in the field, Ken began to see the need for a better way to deliver boiler services to drilling and service rigs. Over time he developed plans for the first truly mobile, truck mounted mobile boiler. In 1996 he completed constructing and testing the unit and started Alberta Mobile Boiler. Since that time AMB has built a mobile steamer pressure wash unit and developed the latest mobile boiler unit that went into operation in 2007.

Ken has over 30 years experience working in the gas and oil sectors and is proud of the impeccable safety record of his companies and employees. Ken lives in Redwater with his family.

AMB has a wide range of independent and major oil and gas exploration customers operating in Western Canada. We provide exceptional services with our talented team, technical leadership and excellent safety record. AMB operates two mobile boilers and one mobile steam unit.